Our clinic’s concept is healing and improvement

If you’ve ever been to Disneyland, you’ll know that it’s the escapism from the outside environment that allows you to enter and enjoy the surreal world. I believe that when you are freed from the hustle and bustle of the city and enter a calming space, your body will naturally heal and improve. The best way to improve the body is to rest and our clinic has created an environment where you can heal and reset. Let’s take the first step towards improving your body in a calm space behind a park full of greenery, free from the concrete jungle.


The room’s decor uses a modern black and white color scheme to provide a relaxing environment for treatment. Passing the reception area, there is a treatment room in the back. We imported a chiropractic table from the U.S. and created a space for basic exercises and rehabilitation. This is an environment where you can immediately see the effects of the treatment and the changes in your body.

Our policy is that repetition is essential for the body to improve. Therefore, we take a trial and error approach until you are satisfied with your body’s improvement. I believe that this space, where we can spend time with each client and experience the changes in the body together, is the “place for improving the body” that will ensure a high level of satisfaction to our clients and visitors. 


Normal Fees

Service Time Price
Skeletal adjustment (correction/deep tissue massage) 30 min ¥7,000
Indiba® only 15 min ¥4,000
Cupping only (lower limbs/upper limbs) 15 min ¥3,000
Indiba® + Cupping (lower limbs/upper limbs) 30 min ¥6,000
Training 15 min ~ ¥3,000

Custom Course / Personal Training

Price negotiable

Set Menu

3 courses available: 60min, 75min, 90min


1) Roppongi Station: Walk towards Exits 7 and 8, “for Tokyo Midtown”

2) Once you see “MUJI” ahead of you, turn right.

3) You will see an escalator on your left side. Head up the escalator.

4) Once you’re at the top, turn right.

5) Enter through the left entrance.

6) Go straight.