Ultimate therapy taught by experts


From in-clinic treatment and training to teaching you how to take care of your body at home, our expert staff provide consistent support to improve the performance of everyone from professional athletes to office workers who are working hard every day. We use anatomy, sports physiology, biomechanics and orthopedic testing to analyze, evaluate and treat musculoskeletal problems. We’re also a popular and trusted therapy for top athletes and solve your body’s underlying problems to improve the “quality of activity” (performance).


With the increase in sedentary lifestyles in office environments, people are less likely to move their bodies and more likely to accumulate stress. The style of treatment at Professional Body Works + is vital in today’s society to correct body distortions, make training more effective, improve metabolism and immunity, and reset both the mind and body.

① Chiropractic

With my experience as a chiropractic doctor in the U.S. for 15 years, I have made full use of various examination methods such as neurology and orthopedics. I have also analyzed and diagnosed my clients from various perspectives such as anatomy, physiology, histology, biomechanics, and kinetics to improve the distortion of the body so that they can live their daily lives as comfortably as possible.

Adjusting body distortions and habits
There are a variety of chiropractic therapies, but we do not use E-stim or Ultrasound in this method. Through these adjustments, we will help you alleviate the cause of the distortions and strains in your body and make your training and stretching more effective.
The secret to good health is to maintain a balance between structural, nutritional, and mental issues. The first step is to analyze the problem from these three angles and then find out what is causing the imbalance.

What causes the three aspects to collapse?
Structural problems: postural disturbances, muscle fatigue, scar tissue buildup, etc.
Nutritional issues: nutrient deficiencies, overconsumption of processed foods/food additives, etc.
Mental problems: Disturbances to the autonomic nervous system, accumulation of mental stress, etc.

② Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercise is a basic exercise that helps to improve muscle balance and power output for better performance, and to prevent injury. It also helps you to build correct form when training with dumbbells, bench presses, and other strenuous equipment.

Exercises to increase muscle flexibility and basal muscle strength (maximal muscle power output)

The exercises are performed while the body is in good shape to maximize the range of joint movement. Not only does this improve muscle strength, it also improves flexibility and agility.

By learning the basics of body movement, you will build the best possible body to handle any kind of training while preventing injuries.

③ Electrotherapy

Indiba® does not generate any heat from the machine, but uses a harmless high-frequency electric current to create heat in the cells of the body itself. This is called the “heat source in the body.” The duration of the heat (metabolic time) differs from person to person, but in some cases it lasts for as long as 4 hours, increasing the body’s metabolism and improving fat burning efficiency and immunity.

Improve your body with electrotherapy

This high-frequency heating device uses electromagnetic energy and was invented and developed in Spain. “Heat therapy” generates heat by vibrating cell molecules in the body. Heat is maintained for 2-4 hours.

When the body temperature rises, it improves the flow of blood and the lymph system, and kick-starts your metabolism.

Continuing this treatment will enable proper metabolism and help you maintain body temperature. As a result, it will help your body maintain a healthy system and help prevent illness and disease.

④ Functional Cupping Method (FCM)

FCM improves adhesion as the suction creates a space which promotes movement in the targeted area. The method is expected to be effective in improving the range of motion and function of joints for athletes who have sensitive or fragile joints and muscles.

A special silicone cup is used to remove adhesions and improve body movement
FCM is a method that I developed based on my experience treating numerous athletes, using the ancient Chinese sucking cups as inspiration. Originally invented for athletes, the method is now widely used by adults suffering from stiff shoulders and back pain.

Treatment Process

① Reception

First, you will need to fill out an information sheet.

② Hearing

Based on the information sheet, we will ask you about your current symptoms, lifestyle, medical history, and past injuries in detail.

③ Examination

Using a variety of examination methods, we analyze symptoms from various perspectives, including anatomy, physiology, histology, biomechanics, and kinetics.

④ Results and Plan Making

Based on the hearing and examination, we will explain a plan that suits each individual based on their symptoms and physical condition.